“the sleeping horse” Collage

By Evan Collisson


John Lindsay, 50-50, SF, CA 

Photo by Evan Collisson

James Carlos Rupert

Robert Pawlikowski, Carlos Young, and James Coleman in SF, CA 2013

Photo by Evan Collisson

James Coleman

James Coleman, Ollie, SF, CA 2013

Photo by Evan Collisson

yuta no comply

Yuta Hirano, No-Comply, SF, CA 2013

mike lemnitzer fsbs

Mike Lemnitzer, Frontside Boardslide, SF, CA 2013

Photo by Evan Collisson

yellow wallie john

John Lindsay, Wallie, SF,CA 2014

Photo by Evan Collisson

After going through my inbox over the past couple of days, I just started to realize how many skate photos had been building up in there! I thought it was only appropriate to share these with you and expose you to well trained eye of Bay Area Camera-Man, Evan Collisson.  Not only is he a talented skateboarder, gentleman and scholar, he can also click the button on a camera.  He’s is just a small sample of some photos that Evan has passed along my way in the past couple of years. Enjoy!


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