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About 2 months ago, I travelled to a distant land far from my home called….LONDON!

I graced London with my presence for a 3 day trip where I met some old friends, made some new friends, ate lots of English Breakfasts, rode a double decker bus, got yelled at by the bus driver, saw the police chase down and arrest a person, got yelled at by some locals for trying to take photos of it, skateboarded, showed some art work and photos at Parlour Skate shop on Hackney Road, and went to the Mile End Skate park.

I even visited the queen at the Buckingham Palace late one night and saw with my own eyes, Big Ben.  To say thee least, London is a great city!  Transportation there was easy to navigate, people were very friendly and helpful, and Tesco’s were all the rage.  I wish I could have spent some more time there, but I know I will be back some day.  Signing off!

Prsenting Brian Downey’s part from “Local Express”. There is an interview with him over at with our friends at CafeCremeBlog.com:

Brian Downey Interview

Purchase the full length video here : localexpress.bigcartel.com/
Local Express is a full length video by John Valenti
Feat. parts from Ben Gore, Dave Caddo, Trevor Thompson, Jonathan Ettman, Yonnie Cruz, Brendan Carroll, Brian Downey, 80’s Joe Staley, Tyler Rennard, Charlie Cassidy, Justin Fyle, Fred Gall, Al Davis & many others.

CarlosYoung BryanBothelo EvanKinori EvanCollisson Carlos Barlow TimDodsonWallride

  1. Carlos Young, Smiling Hill Bomb in and around Nob Hill San Francisco, CA 2015
  2. Brian Bothelo, Ears to the Street! Checking for a Beat… Oakland, CA 2015
  3. Evan Kinori in his studio in SF, CA 2015
  4. Portrait of Evan Collisson while skating in Downtown Oakland, CA 2015
  5. Carlos Young power slides at City Hall in Oakland, CA 2015
  6. Ryan Barlow on the day of his birthday in Washington Square Park, SF after a celebratory Birthday Beverage. SF, CA 2015
  7. Tim Dodson, Wallride Nollie out in North Beach, SF 2015

All Photos by John Lindsay, 2015. Shot on a .99 Thrift Store Canon Sure Shot.

Now Live!  Sleeping Horse #6 now available for your viewing pleasure.  This edition even more special due to special guest appearances by Nagoya, Japan’s very own Shugo Ohmori, Sydney, Australia’s Karl Dorman and Long island, New York’s very own prodigal son…Dylan Drew!

horse crew

Starring the skateboarding of Carlos Young, Jesse Narvaez, Evan Kinori, Karl Dorman, Alex Greeman Tanner Lostan, Tim Dodson, John Lindsay, Evan Collisson, Dylan Drew, and Shugo Ohmori.

Filmed all in California’s beautiful Bay Area by Carlos Young and John Lindsay.  Hope you enjoy!


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