Rios posse
“Day by day vol.3”

Töri, Cangi, Macsu, Kakas, Csucsu, Zsombi, Seprű, Boros,
Kistomzon, F. Ati, John, Balek Ricsi, T. Janka

Edit & camera: B.Bence
Titles: ButaJani

16′ Budapest, February- April
(C) Rios crew

Our friends from the Nagoya, Japan 3RDZ camo and AFC Sapporro batallion recently made a two week excursion to London, England where they stayed with Science Skateboards Boss-man, Chris Morgan.  The fruits of their labor came in the form of this 7 minute long video edit showcasing the smooth stylings of Shugo Ohmori cruising rough British lanes and alleys.

Based in Berlin, we started FLVR SERIES around 2 years ago as a project to produce boards and textile in collaboration with artists. As active skateboarders and art students, we wanted to create something different as a brand and decided to invite artists with different backgrounds to mix their point of view with ours. Beside the production and release of boards, we organize events and exhibitions to share our works and ideas.

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