“The first full length film by The Naptown Collective shot entirely on vx1000, vx2100, and Super 8mm. The Manifesto was made to point out the creativity that skateboarding brings to our lives in every form. We are a group of Midwest skateboarders who encourage all the creative tangents that skating offers to us; whether that be art, literature, or film. To buy a copy of The Manifesto which includes a full 45 Page zine visit www.thenaptowncollective.com/shop.”

Mátyás Ricsi, Buzády Zhang-Gee, Fukui Akira, Kákai Bence,
Boros Ákos, Fehér Ati, Macsu Feri, Kakas Péter
+ Kecskés Kornél, Kis Tomzon, John Glenstone, BB, Nagy Santi,
Kalu Tomi, Végső Gabi, Kis Geri, Mohácsi Jani, Seper Bence

Edit & camera: Bálint Bence & Nagy Santi
Titles: ButaJani

15′ Tavasz / Spring

Live Skateboard Media link:



unown first video People in the know unown
a video by asota
filmed by Shinsuke Arai & asota
Jin Takayama
Shin Sanbongi
Shogo Zama
Shun Moroi
and Friends

‘unown first video People in the know unown’ is a new video by and for Unonwn Skateshop in Zushi, Kanagawa, Japan.  Owned and operated by Japanese Style master, Jin Takayama.  The very first skateboard magazine that I had ever seen from Japan was a Transworld Japan from 2002 with Jin Takayama doing an ollie on the cover.  I remember thinking, “Wow! He is the style master!.”  This was my first exposure to Japanese skateboarding.  Fast forward a couple years to me living in Kanagawa prefecture in Japan, and on my first trip to Umi-Kaze Kooen skatepark in Yokosuka, and I remember seeing the guy who was in my only copy of TWS Japan, it was Jin Takayama cruising around the park styling on everyone.

I was very excited to hear Jin had opened a shop in Zushi and even more excited to see he was putting out a shop video with a bunch of incredible skaters.  One of those skaters is Shun Moroi, who now rides for Unown Skateshop.  This video is a great collobrative effort of all the skaters and filmer involved and gives a great feel of the Zushi skaters and their scene.

John Valenti’s new video Local Express premiered in San Francisco on Monday night and oh boy, was it GOOD!  With full parts from Ben Gore, Brian Downey, Trevor Thompson, Dave Caddo, and Jonathan Ettman, you’re are bound to be glued to your television screen with back to back viewings.  This video available on DVD NOW! So with all of your summer lawn mowing money, why not pick up a copy for yourself?  And if you don’t have any money, beg GRANDMA for some!

Jonathan Ettman full part now online!


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