Sleeping Horse #8

Skating by: Evan Collisson, Dylan Drew, John Lindsay, Bryan Botelho, Alex Greemann, Jesse Narvaez, Hugo Maillard, Cody Rosenthal

Filmed by: Jesse Narvaez, Ryan Flores, Evan Collisson, Mike Gigante, John Lindsay

Edit by: John Lindsay

The Sleeping Horse 2016

Rios posse
“Day by day vol.3”

Töri, Cangi, Macsu, Kakas, Csucsu, Zsombi, Seprű, Boros,
Kistomzon, F. Ati, John, Balek Ricsi, T. Janka

Edit & camera: B.Bence
Titles: ButaJani

16′ Budapest, February- April
(C) Rios crew

Our friends from the Nagoya, Japan 3RDZ camo and AFC Sapporro batallion recently made a two week excursion to London, England where they stayed with Science Skateboards Boss-man, Chris Morgan.  The fruits of their labor came in the form of this 7 minute long video edit showcasing the smooth stylings of Shugo Ohmori cruising rough British lanes and alleys.