Pete Spooner, creator of skate videos and United Airline’s baggage handler, has blessed us with more Pat Gallaher.

And that’s not all, he’s also blessed us with this part as well.  Watch ’em all, if ya got the time.

That’s right folks, Cooper Winterson part.  Watch that! There will be a quiz next week.  So please arrive with a sharpened #2 pencil, some scratch paper, and your thinking caps!

Oh, there’s more?  Yeah.

This guy comes with some impressive ledge and manual moves.  Was also surprised to see him skate some SF Bay Area Spots.  Nice work!  Thank you Pete for sharing these parts.

DVDs available at


In December of 2018, I was lucky again to head up to the rainy Pacific Northwest for a short trip which was only supposed to last a day but ended up lasting 5 days.  I had been to Tacoma once back in the early 2000’s, but stayed in a Motel by the I-5 and spent all my time in a skatepark.  This time I got to do a little more exploring and see more of the city and beyond which included a trip to the Tacoma Art Museum and also a Bonsai garden in Federal Way.  Both of which I highly recommend if you ever find yourself in the area.  I didn’t have a skateboard on this trip, but glad I didn’t drag one along since it rained pretty heavy almost the entire time I was there.

Also, Happy New Year!  I got to spend the last days of 2018 in Arizona.  I will share some photos soon!

I read an article yesterday about Facebook.  Basically it said, when Facebook was new, we all jumped on it because it was this fun and exciting new thing.  But social media wasn’t this new thing.  We were all on MySpace before that, and Friendster before that.  And even before that, a lot of us had our own websites or blogs.

Reading that article got me thinking about my own participation with Facebook and social media.  It reminded myself that I had this blog.  A place I could do exactly as I was doing with Facebook.  Share some photos, connect a little, exchange some ideas, thoughts.  And it was fun!

So here I am, sharing some photos from a trip to Seattle, WA I took back in October.  These were all taken on my iPhone.

Coming soon… A photo Journal from a recent trip to Tacoma, WA!  Woop-woop!


A new video offering from Pete Spooner, premiering 12/21/18 in Minneapolis, MN.

Watch the above edit of “unused clips” from Pete and the ‘Skating is Easy’ gang.

Spots from NYC to Minnesota to St, Louis, MO all packaged nicely in this 7 minute long or so edit.  Watching this keeps you wanting a taste of that finished product.  If this is anything like Pete’s previous videos, this will surely hit the taste buds of any ‘off-the-beaten’ path skate-video aficionado.

This has been said before by many people across many skate-related  blogs and within circles of friends, but Minnesota skaters may produce more full length videos than anywhere else in the USA.  Which if true, would be a very impressive feat, given that in Minnesota you usually only have about 5-6 months of the year where you can actually go outside without coming close to freezing to death given the brutal nature of the winters.