VF3…What does it all mean?

Video Flesh 3
Video Flesh 3

It has been over two years since we have last been blessed with an independent skateboard video by beloved Minnesota based film maker and original ripper, Matt Bollis.  “Doki-Doki,” literally translated into Japanese as, “Beating Heart,” premiered exactly 2 years ago.  After 2 more years of blood and sweat, Matt brings us a new video titled, “Video Flesh 3,” the third of the Video Flesh series with the first video premiering in the Spring of 2003. 

This video will have full parts from the following; Matt Bollis, John Lindsay, Ethan Walsh, Eli Fleming, Adam Burgess, Brendan Connelly, and a very intense friends section with footage from as far as Japan, San Francisco, Portland, Oregon and Minneapolis, Minnesota.  This video should be a real treat and the premiere details are coming very soon! 

Matt originally approached me to do a poster for the premiere which I was more than happy to tackle.  I have used various methods in its construction which include, but are not limited to; acrylic paints, sharpie marker, and even some collage. 

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more details about the premiere date and time!

  1. ETHAN said:

    Yoyoyoyo. Now we are in DIRECT contact man. After all these years. I’m stoked. Eli gave you my number man. GIVE ME A FREAKING CALL.

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