Momo means “________” in Japanese!

Momo means "_______" in Japanese!

I am really excited about this post, this is what I like to call, ” a 2 for 1.”  The sketch of the cat is a sketch of my other cat, “Momo.”  Momo means, “Peach” in Japanese.  She is the wild one of the family and often bullies her sister, Cookie.  The other drawing has a long good story behind it. As I was walking home one night back to my apartment, I noticed this guystopped his car in the middle of a street, got out, went to the car behind him and started yelling profanities at the woman driver of the car.  This guy was so out of control, and the last thing he said was, “Do you know who you’re messin with!!!?”  And all I could think about was, “Wow!  That guy was a Dick!”  So I went home that night and drew this, therefore a dick, being a dick!


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