Not Skittles! Oh no you didn’t!

Reese's Piece's

On October 31st, 2008, I dressed up as Elliot from the Steven Spielberg cult classic, “E.T.”  That night with friends, I went out to a costume contest at a local restaurant in my area (in Japan.)  I went in with a lot of confidence, and my time came up when I needed to showcase my costume infront of the 100 or so people who were there that night.  I grabbed the mic and hummed the theme song to the movie and was sure I had just won.  After I sat down, a woman dressed up as Tina Turner went up, the crowd went crazy.  After Tina, a dog dressed up as a bumble bee went up and did nothing.  It was time, they announced the winners, “In first place…..THE BUMBLE BEE DOG!”  I was so outraged!  I wanted to take my burrito and smash it on the ground.  That dog hadnt spent the last two months preparing his costume for this event!  Here is a drawing of E.T. enjoy.  I am already preparing for next year, oh you’ll see!


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