Home Made Letters



Have  you been to Urban Outfitters lately?  That store that sells clothes, shoes, toys, cameras, and house decorations for the young people?  They sell that T-shirt that says, “Italian Stallion,”  and “I survived the Bush years,” or something like that.  They sell these “Alphabet Letters,” made of metal, wood, sometimes thick-sturdy cardboard, and they sell them for about 14 to 20 dollars.  I noticed that a lot of vintage/antique shops around San Francisco sold the real deal, which were probably salvaged from estate sales and flea markets.  I thought they were kind of neat, so I went ahead and made a couple of my own using cardboard, paint, tape and glue.  This is my first installment of Do It Yourself Home Decoration.  Save your money, use some “used” materials and make one that’s more original that you will be able to buy in a store, even if it is from 1924, you can always replicate it.


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