Corey Duffel Coffin Contest Gone Wrong


With the current economic status, things have been rough.  Skateboards and shoes have been hard to come by.  I decided I was going to take action by entering myself in every free give-away, sweepstakes and contest I could that was offering free stuff.  I first started in September where I entered a raffle with a friend at a video premiere, and it turned out that me and him were 2 of the 5 people who had entered.  We ended up taking home a ton of free gear.  I then came across this Corey Duffel Coffin contest, which included a coffin full of free stuff.  The jist of the contest was, best costume wins the coffin of stuff.  I forwarded the details to my good friend Matt and we made a pact to split up the goods 50-50 had either of us won.  In the end, we both lost and came home empty handed.  It just so turned out we lost to a guy wearing a Beetle-Juice costume which looked like something the Duff-Man himself might have been wearing in his Foundation “That’s Life” part.  Here are are the entries!


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