Adam Burgess: Top 5’s

Pop Shuv-it, Miami, Fl

Top 5


1. Water 2. Fruits 3. Vegetables 4. My wife’s cooking is amazing 5. Asian food; Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indian, etc. Phở sho!

    Places you’ve been

1. Kumejima, Okinawa 2. Barcelona, Espana 3. Yokohama, Japan 4. Ang Thong archipelago, Gulf of Thailand 5. Oahu, Hawaii

Crooked to Fakie, Tampa, Fl


1. Cat Stevens 2. Lee Scratch & The Upsetters 3. Edward Sharpe… 4. MIA 5. Nada-Brahmananda

    Flip Tricks

1. fakie kickflick 2. switch shuvs 3. bs kick flick around 4. the good ol’ kick flipper 5. do nollie 180’s count?

    Board Companies

1. Magenta 2. Rasa Libre 3. The Japanese; whatever they got going 4. Traffic 5. Anything I can get for $25 or less with grip

Ollie, Tampa, Fl

    Tricks You wish you could do

1. the loop 2. bs tail without chest slamming 3. bs 360 4. Soy Panday lines 5. some switch nonsense


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