The Adam Burgess Quiz!

How well do you think you know Adam Burgess? Prove it by taking the Adam Burgess quiz! Leave your answers in the comments section. Good Luck!

  1. ek said:

    lets see heeere… the one on the right, B, is most certainly a classic ollie by adam going down van ness street from back in the day. the one on the left, or A, seems to be some sort of older pre-nike era reese olliesnap, most likely from his hungrier, humbler days of weighing 130 pounds and skating suburban parking lots. do i give my adress now for the prize?

    • You are Correct! You get a prize package from Quicksilver and Nike SB! And a hair doll made from real hair collected from Adam’s own head!

  2. Vivien said:

    Sorry, I tried my best but there is no way to tell. Unless you’re Adam’s mom maybe…

  3. Leo said:

    That’s a flea on A and a Horse on B! Pretty sure i’m correct!

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