Adam Burgess: Top 3 Video Parts

Adam gives us a look into the top three video parts that he loves the most. Check them out below. Happy Viewing! This officially wraps up Adam Burgess week, thanks Adam for being such a good sport!

Eastern Exposure Zero
This was one of the first VHS tapes I purchased after realizing that skateboarding had embraced me with open arms. Given that this film is only nine minutes, I was constantly watching it in it’s entirety before skating. And since I’m an East Coast representative, I was naturally drawn to this film’s aesthetics.

Bobby Puleo Infamous Video Part
INFMS’ lifespan was brief, but well appreciated in my opinion. Their ads seemed to be based in New York, the team was diverse and grimy, and their video is short and sweet. This was another VHS tape I had on repeat, and Bobby Puleo’s part was the icing on the cake. Puleo’s whole kit; tricks, lines, spots, the BDP track, all flow nicely.

Danny Renaud Last of the Mohicans
Danny Renaud’s style and ability speaks for itself, and he’s a Floridian.


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