The Other Ones

The Other Ones. Have you seen it? This was supposed to be the Ipath video, but when Ipath said “No,” some of these guys put their money together and got it released as an independent venture. Behold!

Jack Sabback. It’s been awhile since we had a dose of Jack. Traffic Japan video?

Kenny Reed. We haven’t had any new KR footage since the Rasa Libre video which came out 2010? This is amazing. Never before seen spots and amazing style. The t-shirt and gloves was a nice touch, could be the next big trend of 2012? Sayonarra high-water Dickies and Nike Janoski’s! Make room for the White Tee and mittens!

Matt Rodriguez. Watch his ender, WTF! I wish he had more street lines, the one line in here with the Nollie shuv-it is sick. No one has ever made that trick look so good. Thoughts?

  1. geldof said:

    Nollie shuv was so ill. your right on the money with that one. Part was really good.

  2. Eli! said:

    I’ll definitely watch this many, many times. Every part has a total “WTF?!?” moment where your jaw drops open in in surprise and disbelief (wall ride on a rail, anyone?). Great skate flick.

    • I think next post should be somewhere along the lines of 2011’s best WTF moments. That wallride on the side of the rail definately is in the running.

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