Theories of Atlantis: Order out of Chaos

Product Review!

Theories of Atlantis, a skateboard blog from video guru Josh Stewart in NYC. In the past year, Theories has dropped some serious gear in their online store. I feel like this is the revival of underground skateboarding. When a few weren’t feeling what was happening across the industry, they took matters into their own hands and started to make their own goods. The result, some very cool hard goods with some really tight graphics. Not only does Theories carry their own shirts, sweatshirts, and videos, but they also carry some videos that you may or may not find in your local shop from across the globe, Magenta, and Palace skateboards.

I recently bought the sweatshirt above from the Theories store. It came yesterday way faster than I had expected, and to my surprise, also along with some bonus goods that were not part of my order! Including a Butt Load of stickers, yeah I just said Butt Load, so what! The sweatshirt is light and very soft, and very reasonable in price at $37.50, which includes the cost to ship. It’s slim fitting, so don’t worry about everyone screaming, “Norm!” when you wear it out to your neighborhood bar. The patch is made of the finest materials known to man, and the label sewn into the inside of the sweatshirt is a very nice touch. Try and stay out of the mall and mail order catalogs, if you’re going to buy something, might as well support cool people and their projects while doing it.

Photos courtesy of my Iphone 2G!


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