Gerbs in the Burbs

I havn’t seen this one in a long time! Time to share it with y’all! This was produced and distributed back in 2008! Where has the time gone? Adam Gerber, local MN skate legend, starts it off with a BANG! He is quickly followed up by another MN shredder, Pat Gallaher who might have one of the nicest back smiths anyone on planet Earth has ever seen. Matt Bollis, Brendan Connelly, Adam Burgess, and Tim Huey get buck in SF with some rip riding street skatin! If you look closely, you will notice Adam still in his “Hammer Pant” phase. The Adam of 2012 wears much skinnier pants now. Matt and Brendan are coming out again to SF very soon! A new point and shoot video to come??? Only time will tell.


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