A Day in the Bay

The Bay Bridge as seen from inside of my car. Heading into the land of Fog.

I arrive, unscathed to a new and mysterious part of the city I have never been.

Leo equipped with 13 layers of clothing and camera to help increase the J.F.B

The Berrics, 2.0

After skating, a sandwich date in the park. Fort Mason, SF, CA

On a cold and brisk January day, I find myself heading into the city to meet up with Leo. I arrive in San Francisco and make my way to his dwelling tucked away in a distant and remote part of the city. I am greeted with smoothies, coffee and cookies. We open up the computer and start our daily YouTube routine. After 2.5 hours of skate videos, we’re ready to go!

We head to the infamous 90’s SF street spot, Marina Middle School! A vast expanse of asphalt as far as the eye can see, and the board can roll. We set up some things to skate and push against some mighty wind. After awhile, Leo suggests we grab a sandwich at his favorite French bakery. We arrive to find out it’s an Italian Deli! We head to a former personal favorite and lunch spot of mine which I often frequented with Florida born professional amatuer, Adam Burgess, Fort Mason, SF, CA. We eat our sandwich, and find a plethora of newly built spots! The future looks bright my friends. Very bright. Signing off, and until next time!


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