SF Explored: Matt and Brendan

Here in the land of fog and rain, we were blessed with a weekend of sunshine and abnormally warm weather, and all in perfect timing for Matt and Brendan to visit from to cold winter depths of Minnesota. Here are photo’s taken by Matt documenting just a small portion of their journey to this unknown land.

This is Timmy H. A real good guy with an appetite for Bratwursts. Not only does he have a really cool beard, he is also a pretty darn good skateboarder and has thie bowl cut of a third grade boy to prove it.

This is Timmy floatin one of his famous kickflips, nicknamed, “the Floater.”

Well this right here, this here is myself doing what I do best, looking into the lenses of camera’s. I love a good photo op, but really, who doesn’t?!

We also ran into this guy, goes by the name of Sean Cullen. This guy is originally from Chicago, but has been slaying the streets of SF for about 3-4 years now. Way to go Sean! You skated this in a way I have yet not seen. This Bratwurst seriously rips! We gettin 3 angles on this Beyotch! WE filmed the entire time and surprisingly came out with a ton of footage. Video now officially in the works.

Enjoy this video part from Sean. Him skating some SF spots and the Chicago Loop:

All photos thanks to Matt Bollis! Part II coming soon!

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