East Oakland

Last weekend, we ventured into East Oakland in search of some untouched terrain. Within two blocks of the BART station, we found over 10 spots which were all unique in their own way, and more importantly, have never been skated. I met up with Master Young that morning and we started to cruise around the vicinity in search of some spots, before our French counterparts arrived. Too our surprise, East Oakland was a skateboarders paradise! Spots around every corner, beautiful weather, and taqueria’s within arms reach. We headed back to Bart and waited in high anticipation of our three SF dwelling amigos, Leo Valls, Yoan Talliandier, and Ben Gore to arrive. Once the whole crew was together, it was off to some of our newly found skate gems.

Leo looks like a kid in a candy store! He’s never seen so much discombobulated asphalt!

Yoan was here documenting the days events.

Master Young and I find some stairs which grind, but I guess that’s what years of paint caked onto concrete will do.

More adventures to come in the near future.


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