Video Flesh 4: Q&A with Matt Bollis

Let me introduce you all to my right hand and best buddy, Mr. Matt Bollis. Matt has been making videos from the time giant wooly mammoth’s roamed the earth! We decided to sit down with Matt and talk about the video project he has been currently working on, “Video Flesh 4.” Happy reading!
What’s your full name and where are you from?
Matthew NMN(No Middle Name) Bollis. I am from Orono, Minnesota

How long have you been a film maker?
It all began in 10th grade, editing linearly, dual vhs, in Mr. Vonderhaar’s tech class. Then for our final project my friend Trevor and I locked ourselves in my parents den for a weekend with a copy of Adobe Premiere. We forced ourselves to learn how to use it. Actually prior to all of that, in middle school my friend Matt and I would film each other doing bicycle tricks and fake commercials. No editing was involved.

What’s the current line-up for the video?
Line up? Like who’s on the video team? Well, me of course, John Lindsay, Brendan Connelly, Adam Burgess, Eli Fleming, Blake Nyquist, the Brat Pack, and friends, a whole lot of friends.

Does the video fall into a theme or concept?
-80% new, un-skated spots, underground(see spot notebook) Half the fun of skateboarding for me is the adventure of searching new and exciting spots
-Lots of feel good skating. Make people want to skate (cliché I know, but that should be the goal for any video)
-Lines for days

What is “Video Flesh?” How did it all start?
I came up with the name Video Flesh circa 2004. I was really into Video Days, and I got to thinkin, “Man that video is so awesome, our video should be like that.” But their skating was so mind blowing at the time. So I pondered “Our video isn’t going to be on the same level. There skating is like the “meat” of it all. And we are just on the surface, so I guess that makes us the “flesh”

Who are some influences on your video making and skating?
The Static videos, the old Powell videos, even though they were cheesy in parts, they had a good feel.

How is the video coming along so far?

Just logging and filming and coming up with ideas. So far, so good.

How do you feel about the constant barrage of skateboard video content on the web currently?
It’s good and bad. It’s a fun time killer to go on Thrasher or Youtube and watch videos and get excited to skate. But it can cheapen the actual videos that people have been spending a couple years on. On the other hand, it makes it that much sicker when an underground video comes out on an actual DVD that you never even saw coming! You didn’t already see all the spots and all the lower magnitude tricks that they were doing. You appreciate it more and it keeps it a surprise, and I love surprises.
Are you trying to keep the independent skate film alive with the release of VF4?
Yes sir.
Do you plan to release a DVD?
Yes. Coming winter 2013..

Any final comments?
I would like to thank John for giving me a chance to express my thoughts and plug the video. Enjoy.

Thanks Matt! Trailer and more VF4 related updates to come!


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