Behold: Toy Camera

I was going through some old photographs I had taken while living in Japan and travelling through Asia.  I ran into a book I made using my photos shot with a small toy camera that I had picked up at a second-hand store in Japan which I later found out were being made in Russia.  The camera used 110 film, but I came to find out after shooting my first roll, that it was very expensive to have developed.  I really like the look of this film!

1) This was taken in Shibuya, which is a ward of Tokyo.  I was in the second floor of a building drinking coffee at a cafe and snapped this one.  The best part about this camera is that there is no real view finder.  You just point and hope you get something.

2)This is Mount Fuji in Japan.  I was in the back seat of a car with my wife while her father drove us home from a weekend in the mountains of Kanagawa prefecture of Japan.  It was a really clear day and the sun was setting and you could see Mt. Fuji perfectly.  I pulled out first my polaroid camera and snapped a quick pic from the window of the moving car.  After my father in-law noticed I was taking pictures, he pulled the car over and let us get out to take a better shot. I took out my toy camera snapped a pic!  Behold! Mount Fuji in all its glory!

3) I took this photo in Hong Kong while on a trip.  I was walking around in Kowloon where my hotel was.  I was surprised by how new some buildings were, but even more surprised by how some buildings looked real gritty.

4) This is actually a shopping mall in Ebina, which is a city located in Kanagawa prefecture.  I thought it was funny how there was a replica pagoda type building within the this huge shopping complex.


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