35mm Memories: Magenta, Mandible, and NYC

For the past 6 months, I carried with me a disposable camera trying to catalog the events along the way.  We had many visitors to the Bay Area within the past 6 months, and here is just a small tidbit of the adventures we got into during that time.  We skated and filmed for the upcoming Magenta SF Street Hills Blues #2, hung out, skated and filmed with the Mighty Mandible Claw, and even took a week long trip to New York City.  All photos are in chronological order.  We end it with some shots of Leo as we spent last weekend pushing around Oakland, California before his big farewell back to Bordeaux, France.  Feed your eyes a healthy dose of some 35mm photography from the past 6 months and enjoy!

Yoan and the Magenta crew on secret mission to East Oakland filming for the upcoming Magenta SF Stree Hill Blues part 2!

Carlos, Ben, and Leo in East Oakland

Leo very excited to be in East Oakland

Ben Gore getting ready to smash through the wall of this church

Mandible Claw pays the Bay Area a special visit

Leo witha  frontside boardslide pop-out on the ledge

SF Baby Hill Bomb through the Cherry Trees (they may be plum trees, any tree experts want to chime in?)

Skating at Fort mason with the Mighty Mandible

Wallride at Fort Mason in San Francisco, CA

“I used to be one of you!”-Evan Kinori

Ken Watanabe visits us from Tokyo, Japan

Brooklyn, NYC

NYC, 2012

Leo with a Frontside 180 off a baby-sized bump in West Oakland

Pushing through Oakland, CA


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