Bud Skateshop: Soy Panday

I woke this morning to check Facebook and was pleasantly surprised to see a video part of Soy Panday’s posted on my news feed!  I must mention, a part of Soy’s which I had never seen and it quickly became an instant favorite!

I tried to capture below what I like to call, “Total G Moments!” Let’s take a look:

Exhibit A.

Soy spinning so fast, you would have thought there was a box of Jagariko waiting up there for him.

Exhibit B.

Soy front boards to fakie into the concrete Taco.  My guess, he mistook it for a real taco.

Exhibit C.

Soy kickflip back 5-0’s to 180 out on this ledge.  Probably something he picked up from his days of riding for Osiris.

Exhibit D.

I noticed this spot right away as I recently re-watched the Battle of Normandy video’s by Magenta and Palace.  Backsmithin’ like a G!  Chewy Cannon in the upper right with a backsmith about 10 yrs. later on the same spot as seen in ‘Tres Trill.’

This part is packed with the stylish and amazing skating of Soy Panday.  Check it y’all! Boom!

Also, check out BUD Skateshop for a ton more photos of Soy! Now go get cha’ roll on!


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