Matt Bollis

This is my very good friend, Matt Bollis.  Matt and I went to high school together in Minnesota.  A state which borders Canada to the North, North and South  Dakota to the West, Wisconsin to the East, and Iowa to the South.

Matt was a couple years younger than me, and was really into BMX biking at the time.  He was an incredible biker, but over time I was slowly able to convert him to skateboarding.  Matt has been silently killing the skate game for awhile now.  He is also getting married in August!  So, this post goes out to my main man Matt!

Check his part in Video Flesh 3 below.  This part is packed full of never before seen or skated spots from Minnesota, San Francisco, and all the way to Japan.

Pink Slide Ride in Japan

Nose Wheelie’s to grind’s in Yokohama, Japan

No-comply’s in SF, CA

Also peep this Mini-ramp part filmed by friend of Behold, Blake Nyquist in Matt’s garage:


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