Umikaze Kouen & Evisen!

Found this today posted to Facebook by some friends in Japan.  They have some poached, probably never before angles of Nate Jones, Matt Field, Jason Dill, and Tim O’Connor.  The year? Not quite sure.  My guess, 2003-2004?  Time O’Connor in what appear to be some Brian Anderson Savier’s.  Check it for yourself, you be the judge.  This park is located in Yokosuka, Japan, just directly South of Yokohama in Kanagawa prefecture.  The name Umikaze literally translates to, “Sea-Wind.”  That sums it up just about right, since it’s on the sea, and it can get incredibly windy sometimes making it where you can only skate in the direction of the wind.  Check out a grip of local Yokosuka skaters in the edit above.
Evisen has also posted some more photos from their recent travels to Hokkaido.  Make sure and check out Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4.  They also just released a new board graphic by artist Miri Matsufuji.  Number 4 in their artist series.

Check Miri’s blog here!  Lot’s of photos and fun times!


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