Kukunochi Corp.

Very early this morning we received by fax some very important news, BEHOLD had been featured by the extremely prominent Japanese skate blogger and owner/operator of Kukunochi Distribution in Japan!  Kukunochi Corp. run by Japanese skate legend, Mr. Uruma Masanori, distributes Magenta, 5-Boro, Shorty’s, Coda, Prize Fighter Wheels to the fine people of Japan.

We here at BEHOLD HQ are very thankful for the support from the Kukunochi Corp.  The photo above was taken back around the end of 2010 when Mr. Masanori visited us here in Oakland, CA for a week.  Here we are enjoying a small pizza together at my favorite pizza place, “Lanesplitter.”  East-coast pizza, for West-coast people (their motto, as seen on their pizza box.)

Kukunochi has been rumored to be working on a full-length video and also a new edition of Lapover magazine, also a creation of the Kukunochi brand.  Keep your eyes peeled for that!  Now let’s enjoy some photos of the man himself, Uru Masanori!


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