Skate SF: Ben Gore and Friends!

Last week on Friday was the SF premiere of Magenta’s Hill Street Blues 2 and photo show by myself, Isaac McKay-Randozzi, and Ben Gore.  Prior to the show, Ben, myself, Carlos, Max Van Arnem, James Coleman, Zach Chamberlin, Evan Kinori, Joe Staley, Brian Bothelo, Nick Daley and Brian Downey all went out skating for the day with Mr. Theorizer himself, Josh Stewart.  Josh put together this great piece for the RIDE channel of the day of skating and fun with Ben G. at the helm!  Aye-aye, Cap’n!  The day ended at the premiere and photo-show.  Now, sit back, crack a beverage, and enjoy the good times!

Here area couple photos I took while skating with the crew:


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