VHSmag: Yuzo Kudo and Friends in NYC


Back in May, I traveled to New York City and met up with my buddy Yuzo Kudo from Ikebukuro, Japan!  For most of my stay, it seemed to have rained a lot, but a couple of the days we were able to get out and roll.  Yuzo’s friend, Yoji Misuzawa (the man behind the Color Communications video) showed up around half way through video camera in hand which resulted in some very fun late night sessions.

I eventually left to go back home to the Bay Area, and Yuzo missed his flight back to Japan.  Last I had heard from him, he ended up staying for another two weeks.  By the looks of this video, seems like homeboy stacked some serious cheddar!

Here’s my orginal post from that trip to NYC with some photos of Yuzo and the crew.

  1. Super sick creative skating. Love to see people doing what they do despite what people think.

  2. leoooo said:

    DAMNNN that song was sickk!!!

    • leoooo said:

      the skating obviously was also sickk!!!

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