Black Rock: A Photo perspective on its Former and Current State


Keith Hufnagel seen here with a Backside Flip on the Rock

black rock

That same rock, now surrounded by an impenetrable moat of marble, skate-stopper, and native grass


Nate Jones seen here from The “Six Newell” video with a kickflip back-tail


The same ledge that not so long ago was free of its shackles

briandelatorenollie back180

Brian Delatorre from his MIA part, with a Nollie Back-180 down the steps

golden rail

The current state of the landing at the bottom of those same stairs; “the Golden Rail”

railWith an added rail. Time to get as low as you can or risk becoming “the Headless Boarder.”

You may or may not be familiar with the building located in the heart and on one of the major arteries of San Francisco’s Financial District, but it is this very spot that has over the years provided so many (as exampled above) with countless skate-related possibilities with its diverse range of architectural elements, shape and form.  In recent years (possibly the last 10 or even more), skate stoppers have reared their ugly heads and ambushed every nook and cranny of nearly every urban area where skateboards roll.

In my opinion, the skate stopper may have kept skateboarders from doing certain tricks, but it has probably helped us to think a little more outside the box.  Kind of like a magic eye puzzle, if you stare at it long enough, the hidden image locked within its mash of geometric shapes and colors will soon appear.

Rearrange those puzzle pieces and keep skating my friends! Let’s take it to the streets!


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