Coco’s Picks!

-2In preparation for our upcoming interview with urban street slayer Cory Hainline, we asked for him to give us his “Top” skate video parts.  We now proudly present, “Coco’s Pick’s”

I would name Mark Gonzales-“Video Days”, Matt Hensley- “Hocus Pocus”, Frankie Hill-“Propaganda” as some of my all time favorite parts…but I’d rather focus on those of today’s modern street skating…


Quim Cardona-2006

Quimtime!!!! What more needs to be said?  A true legend!  Pause at 31 seconds. He sets the precedent for original style. The Illest!

Danny Renaud-Mosaic-2003
Steezy, relaxed, controlled, maximum flickage. Cymande and my brethren! 
Zered Bassett-Vicious Cycle-2005
Dr. Z is on full beast attack mode in this part
Jake Johnson-Mind Field-2009
I was blown away by this part. switch wallride. Absolutely incredible skating.
Gou Miyagi-FESN-2007
Another part I was totally blown away by……what a fun way to look at skating things. 
Joel Meinholz-MIA-2009
Raw Power….the Kool aid man delivers in this non stop full throttle assault of a part.
-Cory Hainline
  1. Thomas said:

    This is a proper list. All classic or soon-to-be classic parts. PS: Where can I get a hold of some Sleeping Horse stuff??

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