Gou Miyagi: The Best 3

Picture 10A “Best 3” for Gou Miyagi just went live and I took a stab at coming up with a translation.  So this is for all of you Gou Miyagi fan boys out there.  Hope this sheds some light on this mystery man from the Okinawan islands of Japan.

Some guys in this world are into feet, some are into legs, Gou’s fetish? Sliding down or around a nice, shiny round rail.  His last Best 3, is a list of his favorite Okinawan Sweets.  I wasn’t sure what Tanmu was, but seems to be a potato or root of some sorts from Okinawa.  Happy reading and enjoy!

BEST Original Trick
  • The Penis
  • Doing a Hand 50-50 walking above the rail
  • The Endless Pick Up

BEST Inspiration

  • Meeting people out street skating
  • San Francisco
  • Passionate Posts

BEST Round Rail

  • The round rail shaped like the bow of a boat in Yokosuka (Japan)
  • The various wave shaped round rails in many unexpected places that you are able to Slappy. (Refer to: “Overground Broadcasting”)
  • A long and low round rail in a certain Okinawan shopping mall’s bicycle parking lot.
    (Refer to:”LENZ” and “41VM #6″)

BEST Okinawan Sweets

  • ターンム(田芋)のナントゥ Taro Potato ????
  • ターンムのイモコロ Taro Potato ????
  • ターンムのチーズケーキ Taro Potato Cheese Cake

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