Atlas Skateshop: Under the Radar

atlas1 atlas2 atlas3 atlas4Two weeks ago, I took a journey of epic proportions to a land South of San Francisco known as “San Mateo.”  I parked my car in the downtown and started to walk in the general direction of Atlas skate shop.  I ran into a couple distractions along the way though, saw a Mexican restaurant, so I had to get a burrito.  After finishing my 10 pound, tortilla wrapped behemoth, I walked out and was distracted once again to grab some caffeinated brown water known to some as, “coffee.”  I grabbed my coffee and walked up to the window of the shop.

Everyone was putting the finishes touches on hanging their photos, pouring the ice into the buckets, and cooling down the bubbly hop and barley water.  I was anxious to get inside when all of the sudden…….the doors opened.  We were in!  I was greeted by one of my favorite creeps, Dr. Isaac McKay-randozzi who recently left the Bay for Washington state!  It was great to see him and partake in an adult beverage together.  I was surrounded by some great photos by some real heavy hitters including; Keith Hufangel, Patrick Beaudin, Isaac McKay-randozzi, Tony Manfre, Joe Brook, Robbie Jeffer, and Remio.

Photos above are a small offering to you!  Check them out, squint really hard or slap on your grannies reading glasses to have a closer look.

Also, check out More photos from the show as Seen on the Atlas shop site.

I was lucky enough to see a new video out of Philadelphia, PA called “Sabotage 3” that was playing during the photo show.  Check this one out for sure!  Raw East coast philly-enhanced street slaying at its finest with a trick by Ishod Wair that I don’t think I have ever seen before.


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