Dooonuts: Seoul, Korea

Dooonuts!  Skateboarding from Seoul, Korea!  A site dedicated to Korean skateboarding, distribution, Joy, and life!  Give em’ a holler and see what’s going on in skateboarding in South Korea.

In the year 2007, I traveled to Seoul, Korea for a 4 day trip from Japan.  It was the middle of winter and freezing making motivating myself to skate pretty diffficult to nearly impossible at the time.  I was hoping I would meet some skaters while in Seoul, but unforntiatley did not.  I did however, see some of the  most amazing spots that the city had to offer!  Everything in Seoul seemed virtually untouched.

Enjoy a couple pictures from my trip to Korea and next time you think about taking a trip somewhere, make it to Seoul and hit up the Dooonut’s dudes.

n13919563_36748984_9478Seoul, Korea

n13919563_36749008_7335Old Man pushin’ a cart

n13919563_36749006_6686Bank anyone?

n13919563_36749000_4682Octopus Tentacles


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