Thoze Daze by Jarod Taber and John Lindsay


“Thoze Days,” Cover Photo by Jarod Taber, NYC 2013

Jarod Taber and I set out on a quest to create a collaborative zine of photos to have ready for the Zine Fest that took place at the Book and Job Gallery in San Francisco, CA last weekend.  We put together a collection of Black and White photography, slapped it together and printed up a run of 20 copies.  The final two remaining copies now reside at the Book and Job Gallery where they will be for sale along with 20 plus other zines now all available at the gallery for your viewing pleasure.

zinerackHere is a small sampling of some photos that went into the zine from my end.  These all were taken during my time in Japan from 2008.

tokyoqpTokyo, 2008 photo by John Lindsay

statueKugenuma Kaigan 2008, photo by John Lindsay

genyokohamaGen, Shin-Yokohama 2008, Photo by John Lindsay

This is just a sampling, but the entire zine has much more photos by both myself and Jarod.


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