Shits & Giggles Vol. 2

Filmed By:
Jarod Taber
Shawn Whisenant
Alex Rapine

Edited By:
Jarod Taber

Nobo Macmanus
John Lindsay
Brandon Getty
Tony Manfre
Nich Kunz
Ryan Kelly
Blake Bishop
Jarod Taber
Derek Grey
Phillipe “Brasil”

Music By:
Mark Aubert: “Easy on Yourself”

Behold!  Good morning from Behold HQ where we are excited to bring you the second installment ‘Shits& Giggles,” an HD skateboard video series shot  exclusively on the Bay Area streets by our in-house HD camera man, Jarod Taber.  Jarod has now been on the BEHOLD payroll for the past month and even though we can only to afford to pay him in packing peanuts, he stills provides us with great original content.

The second installment of ‘S&H’ also showcases the hard working man of Skate Jawn here on the West Coast.  Skate Jawn is a skate Mag from the East Coast and they put together a very nice spread of skateboard photos, articles, video pieces, and artwork.  Please give them a hollar and I highly suggest their military grade head wear.

Below, your eyes will wander and be mesmerized by the Black and White photography of Jarod Taber and Chris Taylor.  These guys do it all folks!  Here is a link to some more  the Cargo Collective/Viewfinder Page operated by Dr. Taber himself. Take a look below and enjoy!

-2Photo by Chris Taylor

-3Photo By Chris Taylor


Photo by Chris Taylor

-4Photo by Chris Taylor

-6Photo by Chris Taylor

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbHPhoto by Jarod Taber


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