Hate TV: Nuclear Emission

hatetvOver the past couple of months, I have been in touch with a new friend all the way in Valencia, Spain, Raul Roig!  Raul skates, films, and runs a website showcasing the Hate TV skaters of Valencia.

Raul has a new video set to come out within the year titled, Nuclear Emission.

Head on over to the Hate TV site and not only be able to exercise your high school Spanish skills, but also be able to catch up on the Valencia skate scene that’s only just a hop and a skip over the Atlantic Ocean.

Without further adieu, Nuclear Emission!

Trailer Nuclear Emission BY Hate Tv ( http://www.lascalleshablan.worpress )
A skateboard video with: Joaquin Rodenas,Jose Portales,Dani Maia,Pablo Gonzalez,Raul Roig,Julian Arellano,Adrian Fuentes…
Footage kaos vlc people and special guest footage The Sleeping Horse…
Next 2014!

  1. HATE TV said:

    Thanks John!!! yess!

  2. HATE TV said:

    Thanks John!!

  3. Berni said:

    Very good skateboarding DVD. I love all the scenes and the way it is edited by Raúl Roig. Very good work and nice street skating by the Valencian crew. Keep it up!

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