35mm Memories: Ektachrome Color Reversal and Walgreens Processing

03700020Mystery Man, SF, CA 2013

03700034Josh Stewart, San Francisco, CA 2012

03700019San Francisco, CA 2013

03700014Jarod Taber, China-town, San Francisco, CA 2013

03700022Cement Slides, SF, CA 2013

03700004Snoopy, Union City Quarry Lakes, CA 2013

03700026Evan Kinori and Dr. Isaac McKay-Randozzi at the Book and Job Gallery, SF CA 2013

03700027Carlos Young and Josh Stewart, SF, CA 2013

03700023Tree Trunk, Oakland, CA 2013

03700021Jarod Taber, SF, CA 2013

03700009Snoopy, Oakland, CA 2013

03700016Zach Chamberlin, SF, CA 2013

About 9 months ago, I was handed a roll of film by a friend, which I took with open arms and without a peek, threw directly into my Nikon L35 AF camera.  That roll remained in that camera up until about a month ago where I finally had finished up shooting all 36 exposures.

It was time to pop it out and take it somewhere to have developed.  I wandered into SF’s China-town and stumbled across a small family owned camera shop that developed film.  As I showed the old man my film, he politely turned me away and pointed me in the direction of a shop that could develop my film.

I was on my lunch break and thought that I mght have enough time to pop over and drop it off.  After actually looking at the roll of film I had in my hand, turned out it was Ektachrome color reversal film.  I ran this by google a couple times, read some stuff and decided I would hold onto that roll.  A couple weeks passed, and I met a young man from Southern Florida who I told my story too.  He suggested that I bring the film to Walgreens and trick them into developing this film.  So, I did.  Well, I tried at least.  The staff at Walgreen’s were smarter than I thought, and knew way more about this film than I did.  They took it anyways and warned me that my photos may turn out purple. Boy, were they wrong! Not purple at all guys!

I went back, paid for my film, took it home and checked out the pictures.  They are now living above this body of text.  These are just some of the things that flashed before my very eyes over the past 9 months.  Happy viewing!


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