Soleil Levant: San Francisco Premiere

soleil premier

One week ago, was the San Francisco premiere of the long awaited full length skateboard video feature by Magenta Skateboards, “Soleil Levant.”  A huge crew from all walks of life were in attendance with Hiroki Muraoaka all the way from Ikebukuro, Japan, James Ahern from Perth, Australia, Leo Valls and Matias aka GRIB from Bordeaux, France, and the rest of us halining from all corners of the Bay Area.  True Worldwide Connections.

Soleil Levant, in my opinion and many of whom I have talked to, a complete artistic masterpiece.  I suggest getting your hands on a copy when it comes out and be mesmerized by the unique style and approach of Zach Lyons, the high flying bump to bar float master Jimmy Lannon, quick foot street soldier, Koichiro Uehara, the finesse and precision of Nose wheelie Godfather Soy Panday, and the creative street slider, Leo Valls.

I must not forget to mention Nakano, Tokyo legend Takahiro Morita comes through with another full part entirely filmed in Paris, France by the eye and hand of Lensmaster Yoan Taillandier.  A mind-melter for sure.

Special thanks to DLXSF and Ben Gore for organizing and hosting the event.

Now…Giddy up!


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