Magenta Skateboards: Ben Gore

Boom!  Tha God, Ben Gore now rides for Magenta!  I think I watched this about 100 times already and almost forgot to make a post about it!

I will now tell a little story about how I almost killed Ben mid-kickflip.  A couple of weeks ago, I had the video camera out after months of not having one, and was feeling content to be filming again, but a little shaky. 

Me and a friend were filming a line down a hill in San Francisco and we ran into Ben and decided to try and get him involved as well.  It was one of those really weird days when everything seemed just not to be going the way you had hoped. 

It was rush hour, every one was just rolling right through the 4-way stop, and some dude was eyeing our bag on the sidewalk for a good 10 minutes.  We had Ben down in the intersection looking out for cars.  After a couple minutes, Ben gave us the OK and we started our descent down the hill.  As we cruised down into the intersection, the idea was to get a doubles gimmick with Ben coming into frame blasting a kick flip over the manhole at the top of the hill.  This didn’t quite work as planned. 

I came screaming down the hill with my coffee/cubicle legs going full-boar head on with Ben like I was about to make a game changing Super Bowl tackle on the offense.  I practically caught Ben Mid-kickflip and as we collided our boards both shot down the hill.  I went running in an attempt to get our boards and as I am running a cop rolls up screaming at us along with everyone in the neighborhood who had all seemed to have converged on that street at that very moment. 

We left the scene of the crime and headed to a birthday party.  A bad day for skating, but it ended with some good food and the birthday song. 

Congrats Ben! 




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