35mm Memories: San Francisco Hill Street Peruse

73920001 73920002 73920003 73920004 73920005 73920006 73920007 73920009 73920010 73920011 73920012 73920014 73920016 73920018 73920020 739200241) Views of China Town from my Cubicle, Chinatown, SF, CA 2013

2) Window Washers in the Financial District of San Francisco.  This is a social services building which clearly had a bullet hole through its front window just a couple weeks ago.  Who is shooting guns around the Financial District?  Crazy.  SF, CA 2013

3) City Hall Dome Peaking through the SF Fog.  SF, CA 2013

4) Don’t Smoke Crack, Tenderloin, SF, CA 2013

5) Skaterrrrrrrr!  This guy walked up, asked one of us to use our boards, then took to the streets.  Hayes Valley, SF, CA 2013

6) The man in the white suit looking both ways before crossing the street, Hayes Valley, SF, CA 2013

7) French Hill Bomber, Leo Valls, Richmond District, SF, CA 2013

8) Ben Gore Parked where Parking not allowed, Richmond District, SF, CA 2013

9) Owl perched on a roof, SF, CA 2013

10) Tree Take Down, Fremont, CA 2013

11) Tree Take Down Part II, Fremont, CA 2013

12) Double Rainbow, Fremont, CA 2013

13) Seagull and Direct TV, SF, CA 2013

14) Hiroki and his new car!  Monterey, CA 2013

15) Pushing with Carlos in SF’s Financial District on an unusually warm summer night, SF, CA 2013

16) Mark’s left on the wall from a wall ride by Hiroki, North Beach, SF, CA 2013



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