35mm Memories: Tengu in Tokyo

31320002 31320003 31320004 31320006 31320007  31320010 31320011 31320012
I just spent a couple weeks in Japan and came back with a bunch of rolls of film that needed to be developed from all my journeys in Tokyo and throughout Kansai.  Even as far West as Hiroshima/Miyajima and even short stint in Japan’s least populated island of Shikoku.  These are few shots from the journey including few with some friendly faces, Colin Read, Connor Kamerrer, Jacob Ireland, James Ahern, Tyler, and Hiroki Muraoka.

1. Shibuya Girl, Shibuya, Tokyo 2013

2. Tengu Crew, Yokohama 2013

3. Yutenji Alley, Yutenji, Japan 2013

4. Tokyo Subway, Asakusa, Tokyo 2013

5. Tengu Crew in Asakusa, Asakusa, Tokyo 2013

6. Shibuya, Shibuya, Tokyo 2013

7. Yamanote JR Train, Shibuya, Tokyo 2013

8. Prince Hotel, Shinagawa, Tokyo 2013


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