‘HEADROOM’ by Adam Bos

The triple threat from Canada, The Bos Brothers strike back! This time with a new video called, “HEADROOM.” If you were a fan of ‘Wash, Rinse, Repeat,’ you’ll definitely continue to be a fan with this one.  HEADROOM is a three part skate video which is nowhere short of great spots, great skating, and great editing.

And if the video wasn’t enough, there’s an interview with brother Adam Bos.  Time to put those reading comprehension skills you picked up in Junior High to test, fellas’!

Color MagazineAdam Bos ‘HEADROOM’ Interview

Here’s what Color Mag had to say:

“If there was ever a single part to compete with this video it’s the prequel: Wash, Rinse, Repeat* would be that. But don’t get me wrong, Headroom is paving the path for a bright future of videos to come. We can only hope that Supreme’s “Cherry” possesses some of the same qualities as Adam Bos has achieved with this one. The unexpected music, spots, innovative and stylish skating, and especially the graphic interludes all combine to make this video something to aspire to. For any fan of east-coast skating, AWS, Super 8, and VHS… We’re honoured to have our logo attached to it. YOU NAILED IT! #BrothersBos”


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