Digital Peel

I always enjoy getting messages from people that link me to a local scene somewhere in the world.  This time, BEHOLD field correspondent, Jacob Burke introduced me to a scene happening in Manchester, England of a crew of youngsters who are out there doing it.  This one is called, ‘Digital Peel.’

These guys found a video camera in their Dad’s sock draw, rigged a Fish-eye and Light to it, got a crew together and made it happen. On top of that, they did it all in the month of December! Not typically a month with great weather if you live anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere of Planet Earth. Boom!  Love that, Cheers fellas!

1 comment
  1. z gold said:

    i’m so happy to see this up on here haha they’re all so good and have been for awhile. @callanhammond on instagram gets most of their photos.

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