35mm Memories: New Crew

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1. Pat Gallaher, Taking Flight in SF, CA 2014.  He needed some advice on how to get over this hydrant, so….We gave Jimmy Lannon a call!  Success!

2. Colin Read, Street Bean Bag, SF, CA 2014.  We found this walking up a hill and thought it would make a great landing pad until we found out it was an active hotel for bed bugs!

3.  Carlos, Pat, and Colin Trekking up a hill in Bernal Heights, SF, CA 2014

4. Meeting up with Pat Gallaher in the Mission District before heading to the hills!  SF, CA 2014

5. Trevor Sias, paying homage to Leo Valls with a One-Foot Back-Nose Blunt Power Slide at a parker car while wearing his favorite Magenta coach jacket.  SF, CA 2014

6. Ryan Barlow, his new Hummer, and personalized plates. SF, CA 2014

7. Colin having a squat on someone’s vehicle while trying to film Ryan Barlow. SF, CA 2014.

8. Colin and Carlos checking the footage via iPhone.  Colin plays back the footage once, records it on his iPhone, so everyone can watch until their hearts are content.  It also keeps your camera heads from wearing out with all the playback.  SF, CA 2014

9. Lonely Hill Man, Bernal Hill, SF, CA 2014

10. Carlos and the City of San Francisco, CA 2014

11. Colin filming with a mystery man in SF’s Chinatown, CA 2014

12. Dan Harper, Trevor Sias, Robert Pawlikowski, Chris Morgan, and Pat Gallaher walking up to Corona Heights.  SF, CA 2014.

13. The Hobart Building about to be engulfed in Fog, Financial District, SF, CA 2014

14. Chris and Trevor cruising down Market Street, SF, CA 2014

15. Poacher!  SF, CA 2014

16. Robert Pawlikowski atop Corno Heights, CA 2014

17. Pat Gallaher and Dan Harper.  A Minnesotan and a Floridian living together in harmony atop Corona Heights in SF, CA.  2014

18. Robert Pawlikowski, We’re all connected 😉 SF, CA 2014

19.  Special visitor from the United Kingdom, and maker/owner of Science skateboards…Chris Morgan!!  SF, CA 2014

It’s a new day, and a new roll of film has been shot, exposed and developed….This time entirely in San Francisco, California with some familiar faces, and a couple new ones.

In this edition, we have a day of skating with Chris Morgan from the United Kingdom! Pat Gallaher from the snowy and cold terrain of Minneapolis, Minnesota!  Dan Harper and Robert Pawlikowski from Southern Florida’s mean streets of Tarpon Springs!  Trevor Sias, creative genius and video game enthusiast from New York, New York!  New Transplant from Gainesville, FL and total ripper, Ryan Barlow! Carlos Young, all the way from sunny Oakland, California!  And long time favorite all-star….Colin Read aka The Mandible Claw!!!

Cherish those moments of being out a skating with your buddies and snap a couple photos.  You’ll look back at them and think,

“Hey, those were fun times…”

Until next time!  Now load up those cameras and take some pictures!

*All Photos by John Lindsay, shot with 800 Fuji Film and a Canon Sure Shot Z155


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