Goo Skate Media: ‘00.00’

Indonesia is an archipelago consisting of nearly 17,500 islands.  And apparently, it also consists of some raw street skaters! If you were wondering, Street skateboarding is definitely alive and well in Jakarta.

’00:00,’ is filmed entirely at night with 3 parts from Adam Andiga, Ramdan Hadi Putra dan, and Jimmy Bastanta.  Filmed and edited by Mazini Hafizhuddin and Adam Andiga showcasing pure Indonesian street skateboarding.

The fella’s had this to say about their video…

“This video displays 100% night skateboarding that features several skateboarders from Jakarta. When most skateboarders avoid to film at night because the lack of light will destroy the picture quality it produces, but these guys don’t take no for answer, they still go for it. The reason why is that night time is the most conducive time to film in Jakarta. Usually the security & street merchants aren’t that much as in the day, and the traffic is also not so hectic which makes it easier to move from spot to spot.”

Make sure and add this to your bookmark’s ladies and germs…For all things skateboarding JAKARTA, INDONESIA. BOOM!  GOO SKATE MEDIA!

SKATERS MUST BE UNITED!!  Spread the word and pass it along.


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