Pine Street Bump: Rest in Peace

bengorePhoto by Ben Gore 




San Francisco lost another iconic street spot this past weekend, the Pine Street Bump.  If you were lucky enough to have skated it, then you know how much boost, one little bump could give.  Shooting you directly into the Kearney Street crosswalk all the while not having any idea if an unsuspecting pedestrian was about to walk directly into your unstoppable path.


The Pine Street Bump as we knew it….

Pictured above are a couple of documented moments at the bump.  This is really just a scratch off the surface in the larger scale of things, but a nod to all the great skaters who came and conquered… and to the Pine Street Bump, itself.  Let us remember the bump in all its beautiful, and sometimes human/pigeon/dog feces covered glory.


The Pine Street Bump, in its current state…

A spot has been lost, but the drive and creativity of the skateboarder will never be crushed. We will be strong and carry on.  We have proven that we are capable of re-appropriating nearly anything man has created and left in our paths.  Here is to all the years that the bump has brought joy and happiness to so many skaters….Launching us into the clouds and flying free with the birds!

Hallelujah, amen.


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