Lenz II

Lenz II came out last year and has now been taking the inter-web by storm by releasing two parts online with Seimi Miyahara and quick foot member of the Magenta Street Battalion, Koichiro Uehara.  If you have not already watch either of these parts, well….I don’t know what to say other than stop whatever you’re doing and watch them immediately.  There, I said it.


This is Seimi’s part.  After the video came out, it was announced that he was Evisen’s newest rider. Which can now be purchased through Permanent Distro. here in the USA!  So cheers to that.  He also became known as that guy who could pop mammoth kickflips out of lipslides on ledges and over things.  That’s some next level folks.


Koichiro is putting together some very wavy lines in this part with added bonus of his quick foot work.  We have all seen some quick feet in our day, but he may have set some unofficial records with his 10-toed foot maneuvers.  I think this is appropriate to ask, who has the quicker feet? Seimi or Koichiro? I think Seimi is a good contender in this non-existent contest of foot speed.

Hey all iOs platform game developers! Make this: “Flappy Foot”  A game built around flappy skateboard feet.


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