Japan: Skate Shop Tour 2014

Fat Bros, Nakano, Tokyo, Japan

IMG_05155-Nuts, Center-Kita, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan


IMG_0517DUSK Skateshop, Kagoshima-City, Kagoshima, Kyushu, Japan


IMG_0776Olli Skateshop, Kumamoto-City, Kyushu, Japan


IMG_1074OURS Skateboard & Co. Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan


A couple of weeks ago, I ventured out to Japan to start my 2014 tour of many of its fine skateboard establishments.  I started off the tour with my first stop at Fat Bros Skate shop located just outside of the Nakano JR station in close proximity to the infamous Nakano Broadway.  Fat Bros offers everything for your skateboard needs including an amazing line of Fat Bros branded goods that are proven to  increase your cool factor by at least 300%.  If you ever find yourself in Tokyo, make going to Nakano a must, and say “Hi” to the man himself and the world’s nicest guy, Hagiwara-san!

On my next stop, i traveled out to Center-Kita, to 5-Nuts skate located along the Yokohama Municipal Subway line.  5-Nuts is home to some of Yokohama’s most elusive and underground skaters. Including the likes of; Hisashi Nakamura, Jun Mizuta, Takaaki Shinzato, Shun Moroi, Jun Anan, Yuta Hirano, and Ryo Ishikawa… to name a few. Come here for your fix of I-Path, Areth Footwear, Theories, and some very nice 5-Nuts branded goods which can’t be found anywhere else.!

After spending some time in the Kanto region of Japan, I packed my bags and was on my way over to the Southern tip of Kyushu to Kagoshima city.  Kagoshima is an amazing place with an active volcano that constantly spews ash which requires its own special garbage bag to be collected in.  My good friend and fellow wallie connoisseur, Akira Matsusaki opened a shop in Kagoshima not to long ago named, Dusk.  DUSK is quite a lovely shop .  Lots of great product in stock from Evisen, to Magenta, to Etnies, to Quartersnacks.  If you ever find yourself at the southern tip of Kyushu in Kagoshima City, pay a visit to Dusk and hand over your life savings to our good friend Akira.

My next stop on the tour was in Kumamoto to Olli Skate shop operated by Kenji Okuwaki.  Kumamoto is a great city with lots to offer in culture and skate spots!  With a trolley running through the center of town and one of Japan’s coolest castles not far in the distance, Kumamoto comes in as one of my all time favorite places visited in Japan. Olli is a great shop with tons of Olli Branded goods, a very nice and unique hat selection as well as a grip of Grape Vine Asia products. Check it on out!

The last stop brings me back to Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan to OURS Skateboard & Co.  owned and operated by Toshi Honda.  If you have ever been to Yokosuka’s Umi-Kaze Kooen skate park, you may remember Double Faith Skate shop.  OURS is now located where Double Faith first took root.  If you are at the park, walk down the street to OURS and give Toshi a visit.  He’s got everything you need including some 10 Yen candies! Toshi has also produced two videos, “Around,” and “Round and Round,” so grab a copy while you still can.


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