The High Five Independent Skateboard Film Festival: Oakland, CA



IMG_1338 IMG_1339IMG_1331 IMG_1330 IMG_1328 IMG_1341 IMG_1340 IMG_1344

IMG_1324 IMG_1323 IMG_1347Last weekend at Duende in Oakland, CA was the first ever High Five Independent Skateboard Film Festival organized by Jarod Taber and Evan Collisson at Duende, a restaurant located near Oakland’s 19th Street BART station.

It was an awesome time with friends from as far as Tarpon Springs, Florida to Knoxville, Tennessee, to Salt Lake City, Utah to San Francisco, California. There were films by Magenta skateboards showcasing their latest Perth, Australia trip filmed by mastermind, Josh Roberts, as well as a special treat by LIBE clothing from Tokyo, Japan filmed entirely in San Francisco starring Takahiro Morita and Leo Valls filmed by Zach Chamberlin.  Also , there was a new promo by the UK’s finest skateboard brand, Science Skateboards, videos by Ian Schaefer and the Brain Drain crew of Oakland, CA, a short film by Cal Travis Oaks, and the “Kewl-it Tour” video by Robert Pawlikowski and an amazing piece of skateboard video by Jon Rezonable which I hope you can all feast your eyes on someday.  Fun times were had, and we hope to continue this tradition moving forward.


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