35mm Memories: SF Exposure

R1-03897-0002 R1-03897-0003 R1-03897-0004 R1-03897-0005 R1-03897-0007 R1-03897-0008 R1-03897-0009 R1-03897-0011 R1-03897-0013 R1-03897-0012 R1-03897-0016 R1-03897-0015 R1-03897-0018 R1-03897-0019 R1-03897-0014


1. The skateboard wall at the Island, Embarcadero, SF, CA 2014

2. Julian, Street Frame!  SOMA, SF, CA 2014

3. Bay Bridge, Evan Collisson Pier Push, Embarcadero, SF, CA 2014

4. Pier Push Close up with Evan Collisson, SF, CA 2014

5. Earth Flag, Mission, SF, CA 2014

6. Evan Collisson, Mission, SF, CA 2014

7. Howlin’ Pooch, Bernal Hill, SF, CA 2014

8. Carlos Young, Civic Center, SF, CA 2014

9. Robert Pawlikowski, SOMA, SF, CA 2014

10. Zach Chamberlin back from France, Grip Tape Job Innovator, SF, CA 2014

11. Jesse and Cal, SOMA, SF, CA 2014

12. DatFoolishThug, SOMA, SF, CA 2014

13. Melons, Mission, SF, CA 2014

14. Evan Collisson, Back Banked-wall ride

15. SQUAD Rest Stop, SOMA, SF, CA 2014

Got some film back from a roll that I dropped off at a Walgreen’s, and apparently my film got stuck in the processing machine 😦 There were a couple photos that got ruined, but a couple that came out looking like they’d been dipped in some Instagram filters.  This is a collection of photos from skateboarding with friends around San Francisco for the past couple of months.  These are the days of our lives.




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