RELIC REEL! In its entirety.  This premiered a couple months ago on Libve Skateboard Media for a limited time of 24 hours.  What you may not have noticed is that the link never went down and was still available for yet another viewing.

Relic Reel was shot and cut by Evan Collisson and Jarod Taber.  Just two guys who were both living in the Berkeley and Oakland at the time, who with their collective creative efforts, some friends, and a VX1000 created this original slice of internet skate video history.

Evan had this to say about their video :

“People have been flocking to the ‘free n easy’ skateboard mecca that is San Francisco for donkeys years. With such a tight knit scene, outsiders ricochet between the Bay Area’s micro-cliques and create new bonds between the cracks. Shot on super 8 film and vx1000 to a soundtrack as potpourri as it’s skaters, The Relic Reel rolls in the spirit of brotherly love, capturing a mosaic of casual sessions with new friends.”


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