Unown Skateshop: Zushi, Japan

unown first video People in the know unown
a video by asota
filmed by Shinsuke Arai & asota
Jin Takayama
Shin Sanbongi
Shogo Zama
Shun Moroi
and Friends

‘unown first video People in the know unown’ is a new video by and for Unonwn Skateshop in Zushi, Kanagawa, Japan.  Owned and operated by Japanese Style master, Jin Takayama.  The very first skateboard magazine that I had ever seen from Japan was a Transworld Japan from 2002 with Jin Takayama doing an ollie on the cover.  I remember thinking, “Wow! He is the style master!.”  This was my first exposure to Japanese skateboarding.  Fast forward a couple years to me living in Kanagawa prefecture in Japan, and on my first trip to Umi-Kaze Kooen skatepark in Yokosuka, and I remember seeing the guy who was in my only copy of TWS Japan, it was Jin Takayama cruising around the park styling on everyone.

I was very excited to hear Jin had opened a shop in Zushi and even more excited to see he was putting out a shop video with a bunch of incredible skaters.  One of those skaters is Shun Moroi, who now rides for Unown Skateshop.  This video is a great collobrative effort of all the skaters and filmer involved and gives a great feel of the Zushi skaters and their scene.


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