35mm Memories: Italy

036_0A 035_1A 034_2A 033_4 032_5 027_10   030_7  022_15 023_14 024_13 025_12 026_11 021_16 020_17 019_18

The last of my Euro Tour 35mm memories come to you in these couple of images from Milan and Cinque Terre.  I landed in Rome went to Pisa, from there to Florence, and from there to Cinque Terre, and again from there to Milan before flying back to Paris.  Apparently, I didn’t take as many photos in Italy as I thought I did.  I missed a couple of cities, but I think I had another camera and cell-phone?  It’s been too long and I now can’t remember.

Milan, probably my favorite of the Italian cities, got the most coverage on this roll of film.  Very cool city.  Very different feel from the other cities mentioned and lots of amazing buildings, including the Milano Centrale train station, which I learned was a world heritage site and home to some of the best white marble ledges which would make any skateboarder weak in the knees.  Anyways, here are some photos of Cinque Terre and Milan.


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